How Supercars Work – The Basics

EnginesMaybe you are familiar already with supercars but really do not know how it works and where usually it is used. You might be also wondering why they called supercars and the difference of it to other ordinary and luxury cars. Supercars actually have different features and that make it somehow different from other cars.

How supercars work – the basics:

FerrariSupercars are subject to terms because they are rare to be imported which means the majority of the supercars may drop their category of distinctiveness because of this. Since they are supercars there are so many legalities that need to be considered especially the safety of the one who will be buying it. Because supercar is used as race car, it will be tested carefully by an engineering team. There will be special features that must be ensured safe and tested before putting it out in the market.

Steering WheelThe very first car entitled as supercar was Lamborghini Miura which was a sports car then. But then today, a supercar does not necessarily have to be a racecar or sports car, it can be also for day driving, and as luxury car as well. Supercars have earned their extraordinary class because of certain attributes. Aside from being exotic or rare, they are modern and also have a beautiful design as well. It has the rear mid styled engine and rear steering wheel drive set-up. So since the weight of a supercar is right in the middle, it can handle superb speed that has greater efficiency. The design is constant to all the supercars.

Low mass and high power: that is the super feature of supercars. Because of its low mass feature, it can handle the speed of a racing car or sports car. The driver can have a greater control in driving it with faster speed. The typical speed can be up to 62 mph for just less than 4 seconds. For racing it can reach up to the speed of 100 mph in just less than 7 seconds and 200 mph in just less than thirty seconds.

SupercarSupercars truly have great speeds and because of this they should also have exceptional handling ability. The other factors for the supercar to be called a supercar, they should have an excellent brand name, a unique and cutting edge design and style, a rare one, the supercar should also have a design that will standout with other vehicles, since this is usually designed for speed, sports, and for the elites.

Supercars are one of a kind and are only being used by car racers. They can be also used by those who love supercars and being driven for day tripping. Whatever reason it is, the important thing is that the person using it is going to enjoy the ride because of its speed and how it looks like. Other people like supercars because they thought that it can make them part of the elites. This is because of how much a supercar cost can really make you feel rich but then happy.

The New Ferrari 488GTB – What We Think

My initial response when seeing a car like this is wow, it looks like more of a F1 or race-car than a supercar, and looks like it shouldn’t be road legal (but obviously it is.) Ferrari haven’t had a “wow” car in a few years now. Lambo and Aston Martin both have had their “wows” in the last 24 months with Aston creating the DB10 and Lambo the Huracana. This is Ferrari’s answer to those.

As you can see from the image below the supercar really does live up to the build up. In its classic Red it dominated the conference and there have already been 500+ pre-orders for this monster, even though the pricetag isn’t officially released to the public yet, it is estimated to be around £240,000! About 80k more than most Ferrari models nowadays. This will also likely be non-mass produced, meaning if you want one you need to get in early!

Ferrari 488GTB

The video below gives you another review and overview of what to expect from this machine.

Ferrari 488 GTB InteriorThe Interior

The interior looks all but the same, although there is a small change in the number of “gadget” you receive when you purchase one of these cars. The number is closer to zero! Ferrari have made a consious effort of less is more with this car. More power of course but everything else has been reduced, making you feel closer to the road and on the edge! The price of the supercar is said to be above the 458 price which is currently set to around £150,000-£200,000! So our estimates would be in the quarter of a million mark! That’s a lot of money for a car but as always Ferrari should come through.

Ferrari Hire - California ModelThe only issue we had with the car is that its not all that different to the other Ferrari models, sure it looks a lot different but under the bonnet it is pretty much the same as your California (pictured right), that means for close to 100k less you could pick up a Ferrari California…. Although I do think this car looks amazing, personally I don’t think this is the best one to come out of Ferrari. Also due to the price tag I doubt many rental agencies will be able to afford it, meaning you won’t see many around for a long time to come.

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The Most Modern Supercar – For Charity?

One of the most raved about, modern supercars is being offered to the market with all profits going to charity. This is what the Aston Martin DB10 is currently doing. This is the feature supercar from the James Bond movie Spectre, which was seen by millions of people worldwide, with the car being one of the focal points of conversation for all movie go-ers!

The Aston martin DB10 was originally only being offered to 10 individuals a huge price tag, but now it seems Aston are going to allow the car to go to a charity auction according to digital trends magazine. It’s clear the car is a beautiful piece of art almost and the specs are nothing far from spectacular with Aston themselves saying they’d like this to be the future of the company and how they see all cars and updates moving in this direction from now on. Which we are okay with!

Aston Martin DB10

The issue is that you are likely to never even see one of these in real life, even if you live in the supercar capital of the world, such as Dubai. Only 10 were officially sold for a price tag of 10 million pounds. And of these 10 most will not be used on a day to day basis as you would expect if you paid a million pounds + for any item! The thing that bugs us the most is that aston martin rental agencies still won’t be able to offer anything close, sure the insurance alone would kill the idea but it would still be nice to pay £500 for a drive in this monster! But I fear we will never even be able to touch this beauty.

But although we are sad this is the cases we are excited about the future of Aston Martin. Unlike Ferrari and Maserati, the Aston Martin brand has been growing steadily for years, even growing in sales through the 08/09 recession. In 2016 and beyond we hope to see this great car maker continue the good work!